Firm’s Founder William Ward Moseley Dies at 89

Moseley Architects mourns the loss of the firm’s founder William Ward Moseley, AIA. He died July 23, 2019 at the age of 89, surrounded by his family in Naples, Florida. Four days later, his wife Pat passed away in Naples.

Moseley was born in Lawrenceville, Va and graduated with a degree in architecture from Virginia Tech in 1952. He founded Moseley Architects in Richmond, Va in 1969. The firm’s earliest projects were in Brunswick County, where he grew up.

“Mr. Moseley’s contributions to our beginnings were substantive, valuable and noteworthy. In very recent conversations, he marveled at how a firm that began with one employee and $200,000 of gross revenue grew to 300 employees in offices across the Mid-Atlantic. He was struck by how our growth has enabled us to serve clients worldwide. He had been very excited to see the celebration of our 50th anniversary this year.”

Chairman, President and CEO Stewart Roberson

Moseley’s many architectural honors included the Virginia Small Businessperson of the Year award, which he accepted at a reception in the White House in 1983.

Following the transition of the firm’s ownership in 1988, Moseley became a prolific landscape artist with exhibitions throughout the Southeast. In 2010 at the age of 80, he published An Affair with Art, a catalog of stories and more than 100 original works in pastel, watercolor and oil.

In the book’s foreword, he notes “my greatest architectural achievement was to establish a foundation upon which the younger architects and engineers could grow.”