Providence Middle School Wins People’s Choice Award

Providence Middle School
Providence Middle School, Chesterfield County Public Schools

The Virginia School Board Association honored Moseley Architects’ Providence Middle School with the People’s Choice Award of 2020 at the Exhibition of School Architecture event held virtually in conjunction with their annual convention. The contest invited more than 850 school board members, superintendents, division administrators, education officials and others to vote for their favorite of six design projects.

Debbie Bailey, chair of the Chesterfield County School Board, extolled the school for the effect it has on its occupants and the community at large.

“When we talk about a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment, we often think of our teachers and the various student support services that we provide. Providence Middle, though, is a perfect example of how a new learning environment that is even safer, more supportive and still nurturing can help lift up students, staff and the entire community around it.”

Debbie Bailey, Chair of the Chesterfield County School Board

Completed in 2018, the project revitalized the 50-year-old Providence Middle School through a complex 128,000-square-foot renovation and 7,500-square-foot addition. In response to growing capacity needs, Moseley Architects evaluated the existing school’s space utilization, program adjacencies and building condition. This assessment guided the design team to reprogram the entire school to gain additional space for classroom seats while limiting the need for new construction.

The project infused the school with spaces that encourage collaboration, student engagement and project-based learning. Large sliding glass doors offer views into the media center, inviting passersby in while improving passive security. Small groups can gather in breakout spaces with a café-style counter and bench seating. The digital art classroom and a dedicated STEM technology classroom share a fabrication lab.

“The newly renovated Providence Middle is a well-lit, dynamically designed facility that has given educators the opportunity to work in an environment conducive to 21st century teaching and learning strategies while giving residents a community anchor of which it can be proud.”

Debbie Bailey, Chair of the Chesterfield County School Board

The gymnasium, locker rooms, auditorium and cafeteria also received full renovations. A new security vestibule at the main entrance provides additional supervision of visitors, students and staff accessing the campus and entering the building.

Managing Principal Stephen Halsey attributes the project’s success to a collaborative effort between the client, the design team and the community.

“We are thrilled that the Providence Middle School addition and renovation project was recognized by VSBA this year as the winner of the People’s Choice Award. This was a complex and transformative project for the Providence Middle School community. The success of this project was a result of our collaboration with Chesterfield County Public Schools and its stakeholders, as well as leveraging our partnership with CCPS that spans more than 30 years.”

Stephen Halsey, Managing Principal