Moseley Architects Announces the Promotion of 15 Individuals

Moseley Architects announced the promotion of 15 individuals in Baltimore, Charlotte, Raleigh and Richmond. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Stewart Roberson congratulated the individuals and extolled their contributions to the firm’s ongoing success.

“Our firm is excited by the direction we are taking through the promotion of many highly talented professionals. They possess a keen ability to design solutions and build trust with those they serve and lead. It is an honor to feature this team collectively as they advance our mission to the world,” said Roberson.


  • Terry Ashley, construction contract administrator (Raleigh)
  • Alyssa Crough, interior designer (Baltimore)
  • Bronté Lake, senior project manager (Baltimore)
  • Jason McCune, construction contract administrator (Richmond)
  • Amanda Taylor, assistant administrative manager (Richmond)
  • Bryan Taylor, electrical engineer (Baltimore)

Senior Associates

  • A.J. Bowen, construction contract administrator (Baltimore)
  • Seth Lehman, mechanical engineer (Raleigh)
  • Martina Reilly, architect (Baltimore)
  • Trey Shamer, architect (Baltimore)
  • Tim Smith, structural engineer (Charlotte)
  • Chelsea Thomas, architect (Baltimore)
  • Michael Zazzaretti, structural designer (Richmond)

Vice President

  • Suzanne McDade, project manager (Charlotte)


  • Brad Lockwood, managing principal (Raleigh)