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SEED School of Maryland<br>SEED Foundation

SEED School of Maryland
SEED Foundation

Baltimore, Maryland The SEED Foundation was given the vacated Southwest High School building and its 52-acre grounds for the development of the public board­ing school. The east wing has been ... Read more
Crossroads PreK-8 School<br>Norfolk Public Schools

Crossroads PreK-8 School
Norfolk Public Schools

Norfolk Public Schools Norfolk, Virginia This new three-story, 147,000-square-foot PreK-8 school was designed to replace an aging neighborhood school. Consequently, the facility’s design is contextually appropriate to the neighborhood and ... Read more
Andrews PreK-8 School<br>Hampton City Schools

Andrews PreK-8 School
Hampton City Schools

Hampton City Schools Hampton, Virginia Hunter B. Andrews PreK-8 School allows students to attend school for nine consecutive years without having to change their school environment, teachers, or administrative team. ... Read more