Portfolio Category: Design Leaders

Betsy Woodlief<br>Senior Interior Designer

Betsy Woodlief
Senior Interior Designer

Specializing in K-12 and higher education, Betsy develops environments in which minds of all ages can flourish. She works with clients to identify materials and furnishings that encourage collaboration, hands-on ... Read more
Ben Whitener<br>Principal

Ben Whitener

For more than 20 years, Ben has taken pride in working with clients to see their vision become a reality, working hand-in-hand with them from project inception to completion. His ... Read more
Jimmy Wilhide<br>Principal

Jimmy Wilhide

Jimmy strives to provide students with the best opportunity to learn through the help of well-designed learning environments. He has established strong relationships with clients throughout North and South Carolina ... Read more
Doug Westmoreland<br>Design Collaborator

Doug Westmoreland
Design Collaborator

A career-long school architect, Doug shares his enthusiasm for designing inspiring learning environments with clients and colleagues alike. A champion for consensus building, he strives to deliver designs that respond ... Read more
Gary Westfall<br>Construction Administration Manager

Gary Westfall
Construction Administration Manager

Gary’s remarkable track record encompasses construction administration services for projects of all types and sizes. He is widely respected among colleagues and clients for his dedication, demeanor, and expertise gleaned ... Read more
Michael Stumpfoll<br>Principal

Michael Stumpfoll

Michael brings diverse design and project management skills acquired from more than 30 years of architectural experience. As a result of his strength in shepherding designs from concept to construction, ... Read more