Portfolio Category: Design Leaders

Steve Ruiz<br>Senior Living Sector Leader

Steve Ruiz
Senior Living Sector Leader

Steve’s leadership benefits from more than 30 years of hands-on experience in all phases of project management. As the firm’s senior living team leader, he enthusiastically guides this area of ... Read more
Billy Riggs<br>K-12 Education Principal

Billy Riggs
K-12 Education Principal

Joining Moseley Architects in 1993, Billy has collaborated on facility planning and design with dozens of public school systems. His enthusiasm invigorates stakeholder workshops and encourages the discovery of designs ... Read more
Eka Rahardjo<br>Senior Living Principal

Eka Rahardjo
Senior Living Principal

Eka’s expertise has been gained through designing and managing projects for over 28 years. His enthusiasm for good design infuses his work and inspires colleagues and clients alike. Eka is ... Read more
Bill Porter<br>Senior Correctional Engineer

Bill Porter
Senior Correctional Engineer

With more than 35 years of experience, Bill has a comprehensive engineering background in correctional and detention facility design and works to maximize the safety of the individuals who will ... Read more
George Nasis<br>Design Collaborator

George Nasis
Design Collaborator

With over 35 years of educational facility design experience, George has dedicated his career to partnering with colleges and universities to design solutions for campus success. George is based in ... Read more
Steve Nally<br>Director of Construction Services

Steve Nally
Director of Construction Services

Steve shepherds projects through the construction and warranty phases with thorough communication and careful attention to detail. His leadership helps bring designs to life while staying on schedule and within ... Read more
Taylor Muniz<br>Design Collaborator

Taylor Muniz
Design Collaborator

Over the course of his more than 30-year career, Taylor has developed expertise in a variety of building types, including detention and correctional facilities.  Clients cite strong project management and ... Read more
Jay Moore<br>Design Collaborator

Jay Moore
Design Collaborator

With Moseley Architects for more than 30 years, Jay specializes in courts, public safety, and government administration.  He understands the importance of listening to clients as an essential element of ... Read more