Portfolio Category: Interior Design

Sheila Harold<br>Director of Interior Design

Sheila Harold
Director of Interior Design

As the firm’s director of interior design, Sheila enjoys working with clients to achieve their vision for their building interiors and furnishings.  Relying on experience gained over three decades, her ... Read more
Katelyn Garay<br>Interior Designer

Katelyn Garay
Interior Designer

Katelyn collaborates with public sector clients to design interior spaces that celebrate their communities’ heritage as well as their aspirations. With nearly two decades of experience, she balances the art ... Read more
Rebecca English<br>Interior Designer

Rebecca English
Interior Designer

Rebecca joined Moseley Architects in 2007 and relies on expertise gained over the course of her 19-year career. She focuses primarily on designs for collegiate and municipal facilities. Her clients ... Read more
Melissa Almond<br>Interior Designer

Melissa Almond
Interior Designer

Melissa has spent that last 14 years collaborating with public school systems, colleges, universities, and municipalities to design successful space planning and interior design concepts. She strives to create spaces ... Read more