Portfolio Category: K-12 Projects

Huguenot High School<br>Richmond Public Schools

Huguenot High School
Richmond Public Schools

Richmond Public Schools Richmond, Virginia The new Huguenot High School replaced the existing high school, which had been in operation for almost 50 years. The 252,000-square-foot school includes academic, athletic, ... Read more
SEED School of Maryland<br>SEED Foundation

SEED School of Maryland
SEED Foundation

Baltimore, Maryland The SEED Foundation was given the vacated Southwest High School building and its 52-acre grounds for the development of the public board­ing school. The east wing has been ... Read more
Crossroads PreK-8 School<br>Norfolk Public Schools

Crossroads PreK-8 School
Norfolk Public Schools

Norfolk Public Schools Norfolk, Virginia This new three-story, 147,000-square-foot PreK-8 school was designed to replace an aging neighborhood school. Consequently, the facility’s design is contextually appropriate to the neighborhood and ... Read more
Andrews PreK-8 School<br>Hampton City Schools

Andrews PreK-8 School
Hampton City Schools

Hampton City Schools Hampton, Virginia Hunter B. Andrews PreK-8 School allows students to attend school for nine consecutive years without having to change their school environment, teachers, or administrative team. ... Read more