Portfolio Category: K-12 Education

Jimmy Wilhide<br>K-12 Education Principal

Jimmy Wilhide
K-12 Education Principal

Jimmy strives to provide students with the best opportunity to learn through the help of well-designed learning environments. He has established strong relationships with clients throughout North and South Carolina ... Read more
Doug Westmoreland<br>Design Collaborator

Doug Westmoreland
Design Collaborator

A career-long school architect, Doug shares his enthusiasm for designing inspiring learning environments with clients and colleagues alike. A champion for consensus building, he strives to deliver designs that respond ... Read more
Billy Riggs<br>K-12 Education Principal

Billy Riggs
K-12 Education Principal

Joining Moseley Architects in 1993, Billy has collaborated on facility planning and design with dozens of public school systems. His enthusiasm invigorates stakeholder workshops and encourages the discovery of designs ... Read more
Jim Henderson<br>K-12 Education Principal

Jim Henderson
K-12 Education Principal

Jim manages the firm’s Harrisonburg office. He has spent his entire career with Moseley Architects and understands the importance of designing schools that resonate with educators and students.

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Stephen Halsey<br>K-12 Education Principal

Stephen Halsey
K-12 Education Principal

Stephen understands that good design can empower teachers to implement new instructional methods and inspire students’ breakthroughs in learning. He leverages nearly three decades of experience to serve as a ... Read more
Ashley Dennis<br>K-12 Education Principal

Ashley Dennis
K-12 Education Principal

Ashley is passionate about the advancement of education through innovative space designs. She draws a deep sense of pride from bringing joy to students and teachers through projects of all ... Read more
Jim Copeland<br>Design Collaborator

Jim Copeland
Design Collaborator

Having joined Moseley Architects in 1981, Jim has dedicated his career to partnering with school districts and educators to design schools. An advocate for high performance design, Jim enjoys designing ... Read more
Bill Brown<br>K-12 Education Principal

Bill Brown
K-12 Education Principal

Bill offers clients extensive educational facility design knowledge gained over the course of his 30-year career. He enjoys collaborating with clients and communities to achieve their visions for their schools. ... Read more
Michael Blake<br>K-12 Education Principal

Michael Blake
K-12 Education Principal

With over 25 years of experience, Michael’s comprehensive design leadership expertise is reflected in award-winning designs in the areas of multi-family and student housing, historic building restoration, campus master plans, ... Read more