Portfolio Category: People

Jimmy Wilhide<br>K-12 Education Principal

Jimmy Wilhide
K-12 Education Principal

Jimmy strives to provide students with the best opportunity to learn through the help of well-designed learning environments. He has established strong relationships with clients throughout North and South Carolina ... Read more
Doug Westmoreland<br>Design Collaborator

Doug Westmoreland
Design Collaborator

A career-long school architect, Doug shares his enthusiasm for designing inspiring learning environments with clients and colleagues alike. A champion for consensus building, he strives to deliver designs that respond ... Read more
Keith Sullivan<br>Director of Planning

Keith Sullivan
Director of Planning

Keith is well versed in New Urbanist and small-area planning principles, as well as large scale urban, mixed-use revitalization and redevelopment projects. As a planner, he has extensive experience working ... Read more
Michael Stumpfoll<br>Senior Living Principal

Michael Stumpfoll
Senior Living Principal

Michael brings diverse design and project management skills acquired from more than 20 years of architectural experience. As a result of his strength in shepherding designs from concept to construction, ... Read more
Sherry Sabruno<br>Operations Manager

Sherry Sabruno
Operations Manager

With nearly 25 years of experience, Sherry is responsible for monitoring schedules and coordinating workloads so that project milestones are achieved. Sherry is based in Fairfax where she oversees the ... Read more