We believe our knowledge base should never stop expanding.

Moseley University is our employee training program designed to expand professional skills through continuing education. The curriculum offers more than 110 courses covering personal and technical development, historic structures, architectural design, information technology, urban design and master planning, project management and development, and high performance design.

Taught exclusively by the firm’s own staff, classes are conducted both online and in-person during business hours to maximize opportunities for participation. Nearly all Moseley University courses have been approved for learning units (LUs) and architectural experience program (AXP) credits by the American Institute of Architects and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, respectively; as well as professional development hours (PDH) for engineers.

Courses have included:

  • Resilient Design
  • Construction Delivery Methods
  • Introduction to Fire Protection Engineering
  • Leveraging the LEEDv4 Performance Credits
  • Visualization with Lumion
  • Building, Fire Codes and Standards
  • Revit Railings
  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Solar PV Systems
  • Horizontal Elements: Life Safety
  • Evolution of Architectural Design
  • Maximizing and Measuring Energy Performance
  • Informed Design using Sefaira Architecture
  • Time Management for Architects and Engineers
  • Language of Design
  • Project Management
  • Professional Ethics and Conduct
  • A Crash Course in Moseley’s Master Specs
  • Mastering Options, Phases and Data Driven Views
  • What You Need to Know about LEED v4
  • Masonry Walls
  • Exploration of Building Types: Civic, Justice, and Higher Education
  • Exploration of Building Types: K-12, Multi-Family, and Senior Living