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India Hook Elementary School Classroom Addition
Client: Rock Hill Schools / York County District Three, SC
Location: Rock Hill, SC

Moseley Office: Columbia, SC
(803) 724-1252

This information is updated periodically and is intended to provide an overview of Moseley Architects projects out to bid. It is provided for the convenience of the construction community, but is not necessarily all inclusive or all encompassing, nor is it guaranteed to accurately reflect the requirements of the Bid Documents. For further information, please contact the appropriate Moseley Architects office directly.

List of Planholders:



Edison Foard, Inc.

Mike Hill

Post Office Box 19888

3900 Rose Lake Drive (28217)

Charlotte, NC 28219-0888

Phone: (704) 329-8000 ext. 130
Fax: (704) 295-0053

Elford, Inc

Ben Stickney

307 West Tremont

Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: (704) 398-8890

Hostetter and Son Construction, Inc

Frank Hostetter

9305 Monroe Road, Suite H

Charlotte, NC 28270

Phone: (704) 499-3077 ext. 2

J.M. Cope Construction Company, Inc.

Hampton Hager

J.M. Cope Construction Company, Inc.

1069 Bayshore Drive

P.O.Box 4047

Rock Hill, SC 29732

Phone: (803) 329-3250
Fax: (803) 366-2104

Randolph & Son Builders, Inc.

Joel Randolph

1010 Culp Road

PO Box 410283

Pineville, NC 28134

Phone: (704) 588-7116
Fax: (704) 588-8280