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Hampton Roads Regional Jail Renovations Engineering and Consulting
Client: Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority
Location: Portsmouth, VA

Moseley Office: Richmond, VA
(804) 794-7555

This information is updated periodically and is intended to provide an overview of Moseley Architects projects out to bid. It is provided for the convenience of the construction community, but is not necessarily all inclusive or all encompassing, nor is it guaranteed to accurately reflect the requirements of the Bid Documents. For further information, please contact the appropriate Moseley Architects office directly.

List of Planholders:



Associated Contracting Services, Inc.

3303 Airline Boulevard

Suite 1F

Portsmouth, VA 23701

Phone: (757) 465-1440

BA Construction and Financial Group, Inc.

609 Obendorfer Road

Norfolk, VA 23523

Phone: (757) 339-0833

Conrad Brothers Inc.

Conrad Brothers of Virginia, Inc.

800 Industrial Ave.

Chesapeake, VA 23324

Phone: (757) 543-3521
Fax: (757) 543-4589

McKenzie Construction Corporation

McKenzie Construction Corporation

1711 Mediterranean Ave.

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone: (757) 422-6177
Fax: (757) 422-6631

Talon Veteran Services, Inc.

3516 Belt Boulevard

Richmond, VA 23234

Phone: (804) 240-9429

Virtexco Corporation

7840 Forest Hill Avenue

Suite A

Richmond, VA 23225

Phone: (804) 644-7760
Fax: (804) 644-7763