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Additions to Cane Bay and Sangaree Middle Schools
Client: Berkeley County School District, SC
Location: Moncks Corner, SC

Moseley Office: Columbia, SC
(803) 724-1252

This information is updated periodically and is intended to provide an overview of Moseley Architects projects out to bid. It is provided for the convenience of the construction community, but is not necessarily all inclusive or all encompassing, nor is it guaranteed to accurately reflect the requirements of the Bid Documents. For further information, please contact the appropriate Moseley Architects office directly.

List of Planholders:



M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc.

Will Neely

148 1/2 East Bay Street

101 Flintlake Road

Charleston, SC 29401

Phone: 843-990-7700
Fax: (803) 699-6413

Monteith Construction Corporation

Brian Stamp

Monteith Construction Corporation

32 N. Front Street

Wilimington, NC 28401

Phone: (910) 791-8101
Fax: (910) 791-8260