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New Prince George Elementary School
Client: Prince George County Public Schools, VA
Location: Prince George, VA

Moseley Office: Richmond, VA
(804) 794-7555

This information is updated periodically and is intended to provide an overview of Moseley Architects projects out to bid. It is provided for the convenience of the construction community, but is not necessarily all inclusive or all encompassing, nor is it guaranteed to accurately reflect the requirements of the Bid Documents. For further information, please contact the appropriate Moseley Architects office directly.

List of Planholders:



Architectural Products of Virginia

Architectural Products of Virginia

10233 Sycamore Drive

Montpelier, VA 23192

Phone: 804.550.2822
Fax: 804.550.2826

Gulf Seaboard General Contractors, Inc.

Post Office Box 1688

629 N. Washington Highway

Ashland, VA 23005

Phone: 804-752-7600
Fax: 804-752-6492

Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc.

1057 Martinsburg Pike

Post Office Box 2530 (22604)

Winchester, VA 22703

Phone: (540) 667-7700
Fax: 540-678-3450

Kenbridge Construction Co., Inc.

1101 5th Avenue

Post Office Box 480

Kenbridge, VA 23944

Phone: (434) 676-8221
Fax: (434) 676-8815

Loughridge & Company

5711 Staples Mill Road

Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23228

Phone: (804) 353-7373
Fax: (804) 353-7410

Southwood Building Systems

627 N Washington Highway

Ashland, VA 23005

Phone: (804) 798-9225
Fax: (804) 798-8702