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VDMA Replace Install Fire Systems Readiness Center Group 7 Bedford
Client: Virginia Department of Military Affairs
Location: Blackstone, VA

Moseley Office: Richmond, VA
(804) 794-7555

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List of Planholders:



BFPE International

7626 Whitepine Road

Richmond, VA 23237

Phone: (804) 447-2900
Fax: (804) 447-2866

Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc. (CTSI)

7272 Jackson Avenue

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Phone: (804) 559-4274

Fire-X Corporation

6107 Staples Mill Road

Richmond, VA 23228

Phone: (804) 266-8844
Fax: (804) 266-8546

Jamerson-Lewis Construction, Inc.

1306 Stephenson Avenue

Post Office Box 10728 (24506)

Lynchburg, VA 24501

Phone: (434) 845-3468
Fax: (434) 845-4102

Moore's Electrical & Mechanical Construction, Inc.

101 Edgewood Avenue

Post Office Box 119

Altavista, VA 24517

Phone: 434-369-4374
Fax: 434-369-5823

Talon Veteran Services, Inc.

3516 Belt Boulevard

Richmond, VA 23234

Phone: (804) 240-9429