Baldwin Elementary and Intermediate School
Manassas City Public Schools

Manassas City Public Schools
Manassas, Virginia

Baldwin Elementary and Intermediate School features 21st-century-learning spaces for students in kindergarten through sixth grade in an urban setting. The three-story school utilizes corridors as extended learning spaces, while still providing space for circulation and egress. The extended learning labs include smart boards and computer monitors with operable glass partitions for small group, project-based learning opportunities.

The new school is built on former ball fields and former operations office site. The school is co-located on a site with a high school and middle school across the street. The original Baldwin Elementary School will be demolished and permanent ball fields will replace the former school site.

The interior design team’s approach with Baldwin Elementary School included using bold interior design elements such as a bright color palette and unique furniture designs. The media center incorporates turquoise, lime green, navy blue, and yellow colors to create a stimulating environment, along with a half circle circulation desk that resembles a spaceship. Many of the interior design ideas at Baldwin are inspired by the nearby train tracks, including lighting in the corridors that mimics the look of train tracks, carpeting with a linear look, and pops of color that reflect the movement of a train.

Awards + Recognition

  • Outstanding Design in Combined-Level Schools, American School & University, 2018