Chris Yung Elementary School
Prince William County Public Schools

Prince William County Public Schools
Prince William, Virginia

After a petition with thousands of signatures and a unanimous vote of the Prince William County School Board, the community’s new elementary school was named in honor one of its heroes: fallen Prince William County police officer Chris Yung. The 107,273-square-foot facility will serve 850 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

The gymnasium and cafeteria are on axis with the main entry and share an operable partition so that the spaces can be converted to one large space with a platform at the end for assemblies. The media center’s prominent location in the building design demonstrates the school’s commitment to student learning and sends a proud message to the public.

The administrative suite sits adjacent to the main entrance on a slightly rotated axis to provide a clear view of the front door. Passive security methods include a concise circulation pattern and an abundance of glass. Wide stairwells are open and easily supervised for effective student movement.

The school’s sustainable design features include highly-reflective roof materials; low VOC paints and adhesives; optimized insulation; and high-efficiency lighting designs. The abundant natural daylight provides an inviting stimulating learning environment. Chris Yung Elementary School is LEED certified.