Ettrick-Matoaca Library

Chesterfield County
Ettrick, Virginia

Ettrick-Matoaca Library was originally constructed in the 1970s and was first renovated in 1994. By 2013, the county needed to address the facility’s physical deterioration and obsolete building infrastructure while modernizing it to accommodate 21st-century library technology, service delivery, and collection trends. The circulation desk was relocated to adjoin the new staff work area and a newly created digital media area. Adjacent to the library collections and reading areas, a new meeting room enclosed by glass walls and doors can be easily used as an additional reading area when not otherwise occupied. Selected interior finishes and furnishings provide a flexible, enthralling place to read, learn, collaborate, and work. Bright, energetic, and durable finishes were chosen to evoke a modern ambiance and create an inviting space. Many of the furnishings were selected to provide various vignettes, which include soft seating for easy reading, movable tables for group discussions, computer kiosks for research, and scaled-down seating in a cozy children’s cove. Creating visible connections to the outdoor spaces and opportunities to day light the interior spaces was important. Consequently, adding a large clerestory channels warmth and light into the reading areas and gives meaning to the underutilized space. Each meeting room also features an abundance of windows and access to outdoor seating.