Round Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad

Frederick County
Winchester, Virginia

Moseley Architects replaced their aging fire station and community center to serve as home to the Round Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad. The new fire station and community center combines the efficiency of a pre-engineered steel structure with the durability of a masonry building. The fire station has a community room and training room, exercise room, day room, kitchen, bunk space, and male and female shower and locker facilities. It has three double-loaded pull-through apparatus bays. Adjacent spaces include turn-out gear storage, a hose drying tower, laundry, decontamination, tool storage, and SCBA tank storage and filling.

The community center, a separate building on the same site, houses a 6,000-square-foot event center that also functions as a storm shelter. Additional features include office space, emergency showers, storage, and a commercial kitchen.