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User Agreement and Disclaimer

  1. The information posted on this web site is intended to represent the Bid Documents for this Project; however, it is provided strictly as a courtesy by Moseley Architects solely for the convenience of the Users of this web site, and is not part of the Bid Documents for the Project. The possibility exists that the information provided may in some way differ from the Bid Documents. Moseley Architects shall not be responsible for differences between such information and the Bid Documents. The Bid Documents for the Project may be modified at any time, either before or after construction begins. Moseley Architects has no responsibility, either before or after any such modification, to determine or to advise the User whether any such modification causes the information to be out of date, inconsistent with the Bid Documents, or otherwise unfit for use in any way. The User assumes all risk and liability for any losses, damages, claims, or expenses resulting from the use or possession of any information posted on this web site.
  2. Moseley Architects makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the information posted on t his web site and specifically makes no warranty that said information shall be marketable or fit for any particular purpose. Furthermore, any description of said files shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that such information shall conform to said description.
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  4. Project Owner(s) may elect to restrict, limit or otherwise qualify bids received by Project Owner(s) to those bidders who have registered as planholders of the Bid Documents. Such limit or qualification may include registration with the Project Owner(s) or with Moseley Architects, or both. Registration by bidders with Owner or with Moseley Architects, as may be applicable, is advised, to facilitate the receipt by bidders of Bid Documents and other information about the bidding process for each Project. Users of this website acknowledge that use of this website alone will not have the effect of registration of any User as a planholder, unless User takes the necessary specific affirmative action to provide the registration information required and to confirm User's intent to register as a planholder. Registration by Users does not result in or cause any such User to become or to be deemed to be qualified or allowed to submit a bid to Project Owner if User does not meet all applicable requirements for bid submittal.