General Inquiries

Are you submitting a question about a project that is currently bidding?

If so, please use the submit questions form on the Bidding page, for that project. If a link to submit questions is not available for a specific project it may be too close or too far away from the projects bid date to allow questions.

Are you looking for information on which contractors have accessed plans for one of our soon-to-bid projects?

Please visit the Bidding page to view a list of Planholders by projects, by clicking the Planholder List link for the project.

Would you like Moseley Architects to design your next house?

Please note, we do not typically pursue work on residential architecture.

Are you interested in a project similar to one you see on our website?

We’d love to hear from you! Please use this contact form to reach out!

Are you a vendor who wants to contact one of our designers but you are unsure who to contact?

You are welcome to submit your information, and we will be happy to route it to the appropriate members of our team.