Moseley Architects Announces the Promotion of 18 Individuals

Moseley Architects announced the promotion of 18 individuals throughout the firm’s offices in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.

President Stewart D. Roberson congratulated 10 new associates, six new senior associates, and two new vice presidents. “Moseley Architects proudly points to our highly professional team as our greatest asset,” Roberson said. “Over the course of our 50 successful years, our team has established a very strong reputation with our expansive client base.

“Across our firm, there are scores of individuals whose service, expertise, and commitment are on full display every day. We are very pleased to highlight several leading team members who have been recognized recently through promotions within our ranks.”

Stewart Roberson, President of Moseley Architects
  • Ali Allred (Virginia Beach)
  • Chris Brown (Richmond)
  • Jane Fuquay (Raleigh)
  • FeiFei Lu (Charlotte)
  • Derek McCalla (Richmond)
  • Matthew Ormsby (Baltimore)
  • Russell Roundy (Richmond)
  • Trey Shamer (Baltimore)
  • Andrew Smolak (Richmond)
  • Chelsea Thomas (Baltimore)
Senior Associates
  • Sumita Carpenter (Richmond)
  • Corey McCalla (Richmond)
  • Bill Ratliff (Virginia Beach)
  • Chris Roman (Richmond)
  • Keith Sullivan (Baltimore)
  • Daniel Whitmire (Harrisonburg)
Vice Presidents
  • Amy Deegan (Richmond)
  • Scott Johnston (Richmond)