Moseley Architects Announces the Promotion of 23 Individuals

Moseley Architects announced the promotion of 23 professionals in its Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina offices. The promotions include individuals from every sector of the firm. Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Stewart Roberson congratulated the individuals and praised their contributions to the firm’s success.

“The greatest value Moseley Architects offers to the communities we serve is the substantial set of gifts and talents possessed by our team members. We are in the fortunate position to highlight several leading team members whose exemplary expertise helps drive our success,” he said.

Senior Associates
• Tony Burzese, architect/quality control reviewer (Virginia Beach)
• Chris Farmer, construction contract administrator (Fairfax)
• Josh Landis, senior plumbing engineer (Richmond)
• Tom Maynard, specifications writer (Richmond)
• Cary Sorah, mechanical engineer (Raleigh)
• Betsy Woodlief, interior designer (Charlotte)

• Shenia Anderson, RediCheck/quality control reviewer (Baltimore)
• Linda Briggs, construction contract administrator (Charlotte)
• Pamela Bullivant, structural engineer (Richmond)
• John Paul Cohen, project designer (Virginia Beach)
• Andrea Drake, architect (Baltimore)
• Michael Gibson, project manager (Richmond)
• Elizabeth Johnson, senior marketing coordinator (Richmond)
• Nate Kelsey, BIM application specialist (Richmond)
• Roseann Marrero, construction contract administration assistant (Warrenton)
• Jackie Miller, structural engineer (Richmond)
• Jeff Mortensen, plumbing designer (Richmond)
• Scott O’Connell, MEP construction contract administrator (Richmond)
• Jon Shaw, visual communication specialist (Richmond)
• Darren Shields, BIM/IT application specialist (Richmond)
• Kyle Springer, architect (Raleigh)
• J.D. Wassum, MEP construction contract administrator (Richmond)
• Brian Winchester, mechanical engineer (Richmond)