Powhatan Middle School Receives Outstanding Project Award

Learning By Design bestows top honors in its annual architectural showcase

Learning by Design honored Moseley Architects’ Powhatan Middle School with the Outstanding Project Award for excellence in educational facility design. The magazine stated that the facility was chosen “for its architectural and interior design and for having next generation benchmark design type and planning features worthy of imitation.” The school is featured in Learning By Design’s Spring 2020 issue.

The magazine’s jury of five architects and end-users scored projects on six measures: innovation, community need, interior design, sustainability, functional design, and 21st century learning. The jury praised the school’s design when announcing its award selection:

“This project achieves a bright yet timeless aesthetic—which is uplifting for a middle school. A part of the media center, the gaming lounge, provides an area where students can engage in collaborative or independent work using critical thinking skills to understand the principles behind gaming and design.

“The neutral colors within the school are accented with pops of orange and blue, making this both a tranquil and exciting environment. The casual seating and small group collaborative areas are supportive of a community feel. The specialty areas are designed with flexible seating and specialty spaces that support the designated center.”

Jury commentary

Located in Powhatan, Va, the Powhatan Middle School project included a 48,085-square-foot renovation and 95,415-square-foot addition. The design team worked closely with Powhatan County Public Schools (PCPS) and the school staff to develop innovative learning spaces that correspond with their new career and technical education (CTE) program and their existing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program. The facility has been recognized with numerous design awards since its completion in 2018.

Stewart Robertson, Chairman, President and CEO of Moseley Architects, noted the project’s success is substantiated by its effect on the community.

“The recognition of Powhatan County Public Schools through this award affirms what is widely known about effective school communities. Inspiring leadership, passionate teachers and staff, devoted parents and local leaders combine their energies to achieve, regularly, impressive outcomes in the county. Those ingredients were on full display as Moseley Architects was honored to be a leading partner in the design of Powhatan Middle School, a 21st century school responsive to a vibrant community’s aspirations for its children.”

Stewart Roberson, Chairman, President and CEO of Moseley Architects